Your Personal German Language Coach
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Do you want to learn German? Are you tired of packed group courses or expensive private lessons?

Berlin Learning created by Navina Khatib exclusively offers you highly efficient one-to-one tuition, in an interactive, easy-going, yet highly focused learning environment - at a very good rate.

About Navina


Navina Khatib has 10+ years experience teaching German and has developed a method that includes both language and cultural instruction. She wants you to feel as if you've truly arrived here! Her classes are private, one-to-one sessions tailored to the student's learning style, commitment, and environment. She takes great joy in unlocking the fun in learning what's often considered a difficult language and seeing her students apply their new skills to their new life in Berlin.

Navina holds a master's degree in linguistics, intercultural studies, and sociology and has also taught in Mexico, Peru, and the United States. Beyond her work as a language and culture teacher, Navina is a visual artist and filmmaker.

Providing relaxed, interactive tutoring, Navina customizes not only for each student but for each meeting. She offers no group classes, just individualized instruction for individual needs, and she can do this in English or Spanish. With the aim of getting her students integrated into German culture and speaking German comfortably, her teaching reaches beyond basic language needs to include official matters important to immigrants, such as those to do with immigration, tax, and local city offices (Ausländerbehörde, Finanzamt, Bürgeramt, etc.). Living a full life in a new country is not just about language, so immigration consulting is part of the package!