Your Personal German Language Coach


Anna Juhász, Graphic Designer (USA):
Navina is a highly motivating and excellent teacher. When I began my courses with her I could barely construct one sentence in German, I have been taking courses with her for a year now and I am able to have full conversations. Navina will take as much time with you as you need to make sure you understand everything, no matter how many times you need to repeat it. If you are serious about learning German I could not more highly recommend Navina!

Bailey Smuhl, IT strategist (USA):
Navina is an amazing German teacher. She takes the time to really understand what each individual needs and tailors her lessons accordingly. She is very good at breaking down complex themes into memorable chunks and making sure that you work through any errors you are hung up on. I really appreciated that she incorporated current events and Berlin history into the lessons as well because it added a lot of context to what I was learning. I highly recommend Berlin Learning!

Georgina Espasa, Artist (Spain):
Navina es genial! Su método es ágil, comprensible y te aclara todas tus dudas. Además busca materiales que se adapten a tus intereses y consigue que el curso sea más divertido. Recomendable 100%

Vanessa Safavi, Artist (Switzerland):
Navina is the best, serious and motivating, she makes these courses interesting by inscribing them in the cultural reality of Berlin.

Yuan He, Designer (China):
Navina is a very inspiring teacher. I did almost 5 months course with her and she really helped a lot. She made personalized oral course for me to pass Goethe B1 and the result was good. Highly recommended:D

Caterina Lori, Blogger (Italy):
Navina is a wonderful teacher/coach, and I am so happy I found her. I just finished my classes (A level) and am looking forward to start it again soon. After seven months (one 90 minute lesson per week), I feel more confident and motivated than ever in learning German. I like her teaching method (allowing students to see the “big picture” when explaining grammar rules), and the way she explains things (German grammar seems now much easier to me than previously thought).Navina is not only a professional, dedicated and inspiring teacher, but also a lovely person. Lessons with her are fun and tailored to meet students’ needs and interests. If you are looking for a super teacher/coach, and really want to improve your German, I would strongly recommend her! :) Caterina

Juan Tomás Roselló, Músico (Argentina):
Navina es realmente una excelente profesora de Aleman, aprendí muchísimo en las clases que tuve con ella, aprendi a empezar a dialogar, a pensar, y a leer seriamente.
Me parece que es muy importante en el aprendizaje de un idioma, hablar dentro de un contexto, con logica y motivación.
El caracter personalizado de las clases generan muchas ganas de aprender y estudiar mas. 
Su metodo es dinamico, divertido e interesante, y sabe transmitir el conocimiento de un modo facil y claro.
Por el momento hice una pausa de estudio, para también interiorizar todo lo que aprendí con ella, pero no tengo dudas de que voy a volver pronto.
La recomiendo 100%, Gracias Navina!

Geoffrey Wildanger, Visiting Reseacher at UDK Berlin (USA):
Navina is an excellent German teacher, who expertly tailored the lessons and contents to my skill level and interests. With her, I was successfully able to jump start my German abilities after several years of not having spoken the language. Highly recommended!

Emma Taggart, Designer Pamono (Ireland):
Navina is the best teacher I have found in Berlin! I have been taking lessons for around 4 months and my German has improved greatly, along with my confidence. Navina is very kind and patient- even when I make the same mistake hundreds of times, she still takes the time to explain.As well as grammar, we also covered fun topics about the culture in Berlin. I have found a new love for the language and enjoy studying, whereas previously in large classes, it was such a drag. I am taking a month off to study up on everything I have learned so far and will come back to Navina for more lessons very soon! Vielen Dank Navina!

Veronica Briesemeister, Reseacher (USA):
Navina is the best. I have made so much progress in the past few months since taking classes with her. She is not only an amazing teacher, but she is also kind, fun and patient. German is not an easy language, but Navina makes those hard grammatical concepts easier to understand. Thanks Navina

Simone O'Donovan, PR (Ireland):
Navina is the best German teacher I've had during my 5 years in Berlin. In my trial lesson she assessed my level and asked what topics interested me, and then devised a specially-tailored lesson plan for me for the next 4 lessons.Her lessons are intertwined with linguistics, culture, history, tradition and current affairs and are the perfect way to get a feel for the city you're living in. Navina herself is a creative, engaging individual whose love of the language is infectious.Navina's stammtisch with current and past students is also a lot of fun. I'm going to take a break to learn from my millions of notes and worksheets, and then go back to Navina again.

Max Jacobsen, Founder of Caroobi (USA):
I had a great experience working with Navina for several months after having taken an introductory (A2 level) German course. Navina designed a course around my exact needs, interests, and learning style (like she does for all of her students), which let me make a lot of progress very quickly. Because she built the course around my interests, I also always looked forward to every meeting as a chance to get a window into German culture and how Germans and the German media looked at a wide variety of topics that I care about. I would highly recommend Navina to anyone who wants to make a lot of progress quickly while also having a great time and becoming more immersed in Germany.

Iara Rodriguez Vilardebó, Editor (Argentina):
Vivo en Berlín hace 3 años y tuve muchas experiencias con profesores y escuelas de Alemán. Navina es una persona muy dedicada a su trabajo y que lo realiza con mucho amor y pasión. Entiende rápidamente tus necesidades e intereses y arma un programa divertido y variado, que no sólo te permite aprender el idioma alemán desde diferentes enfoques, sino también te abre un espacio de reflexión acerca de la cultura y costumbres alemanas y más concretamente, las berlinesas.

Betty Mousikou, Max Planck Institute for Human Development REaD (Greece):
Navina is an excellent and inspiring teacher with great sense of humour. No matter how busy or tired I am I always look forward to going to my German classes and I always enjoy them as much. I would highly recommend Navina to anyone who wants to learn German from scratch or simply improve their German!

Antony Orant, IDAGIO (UK):
Navina is a skilful and inspiring teacher who turns a daunting and often dispiriting language into an engaging, rewarding learning experience. She tailors lessons to your interests and requirements, and the real-world benefits are immediately noticeable. I quickly discovered aspects of German that years of group classes and home learning had failed to reveal, and I leave her lesson every week with a boost of confidence that even Berlin can’t quite crush. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Anna Sundukova, Interior Architect, KINZO (Latvia):
I can only speak very highly of Navina both as a teacher and a person, since my progress in German increased significantly ever since I started my classes. Her personal approach, focused attention and dedication to you as a student and your personal needs, interests and goals makes every class an intensive and very fruitfull experience. She notes all of those deep rooted mistakes and misunderstandings, and in her class you cannot slack off, but you also do not really want to, because she makes it that little bit more interesting than your typical Deutsch class. If you are looking for a teacher, who will really make a difference in your German learning journey, Navina is the one.

Matthew Tempest, Journalist (UK):
Navina is an excellent tutor - relaxed, friendly and funny, who understands how frustrating and difficult German can be. My spoken confidence has increased tenfold in the month I have been with her, and my understanding of the grammar improved dramatically too. I had previously done two VHS classes, which I thought were good value, but nothing beats one-to-one tuition. Highly recommended. 

Sharon Kuckuck, Researcher Media Studies/Tour Guide (USA):
Navina has a special place amongst German tutors in Berlin, with her help you can raise your level even after having lived or worked here for years, it is not too late I did. She pushes your limit and corrects those hardened mistakes one by one to improve your speaking German. Old habits can be broken!

Mary Ikoniadou, PhD student and Lecturer (UK, Greece):
Great structured, clear to follow lessons, will be coming back for more! Thanks Navina.

Margaux Schwab, Design (Switzerland):
I studied 4months with the lovely Navina and I can 100% recommend her !! nice vibe and good teaching technique! :) All the best, Margaux

Michael Tan, Art Director (Australia):
Berlin Learning has been great at helping me where school/classes fail. Navina is great at spotting weak areas and helps motivate you to boost your confidence.

kate-hers RHEE, Artist, (USA):
I worked with Navina for two months full of fun and lively banter. She’s a patient and encouraging teacher - I cannot recommend her enough! I hope to pick up another month next year. Her courses are very flexible as well - great for freelancers like me.

Henrik Tidefjärd, Founder of Berlinagenten (Sweden):
I am running a luxury travel company and in order to rule the German language in a proper way I signed up for advanced one-to-one lessons with Berlin Learning. Since I started taking classes with Navina I have improved my German language skills and learnt how to express myself better at work.The result of improved language skills helps me to approach my goals and succeed better in my business routines. Navina is an structured, energetic and talented teacher, who adapts quickly to each individual need. I can definitely recommend her to new “Berliners” or business-oriented people who want to see a quick improvement.

Mattin Artiach, Artist (Spain):
I have taken an intensive course for a month with Navina and I can say that she is a great teacher with an outstanding command of German. Very nice and focused atmosphere!

Dara Katherine Heath, Method Massage Berlin (USA):
Learning German can be a daunting task but Navina makes it feel doable and actually fun. She creates a nice relaxed vibe, which allowed my confidence to grow and actually enjoy the process! Highly recommended.

Alejandro Martínez, Músico (México):
Comencé a tomar clases de Alemán con Navina hace algunos años en México y me gustó mucho porque no fueron en un salón, eso para mí fue diferente e innovador porque se salía de lo común: ir a un curso con alumnos etc. Las clases fueron en diferentes lugares públicos, esto lo hacía interesante porque hablábamos de las situaciones cotidianas y para mi fue un gran aprendizaje del idioma. Manejo con habilidad el idioma en situaciones comunes y considero que Navina tiene grandes habilidades en la enseñanza del Alemán.

Lucia Relanzón, Translator & Interpreter (Spain):
I started to learn German with Navina a couple of years ago and now I can say that her lessons have opened many doors for me and made my professional career more successful.

Katja F, Artist (USA):
I really enjoyed my classes with Navina. They were a nice mix of grammar plus conversation and comprehension. She was responsive to my needs and interests and was tough, so I actually studied. :) I would definitely recommend her classes.

Susana Melo, 33, Enfermeira (Portugal):
Navina é a minha professora de alemão há cerca de 9 meses e sem dúvida que estou satisfeita com a forma como ensina. As aulas quando comparadas com as da escola onde andei nos primeiros meses têm como grande diferença serem individuais e personalizadas, isto permite incidir nas dificuldades que vais sentindo durante a aprendizagem. Uma situação que acho ser bastante descurada nas escolas é a fonética e a capacidade oratória mas com a Navina a partir de um determinado momento ela será sempre atenta e ajudará para que fales o mais parecido a um falante nativo de alemão. O ambiente das aulas é calmo e profissional. Conhecer a gramática alemã deixará de ser um problema. Boa sorte e experimenta que vais gostar.

Clare Sharpe, Hospitality Worker (UK):
I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Navina Khatib, who has worked with me as a Private Tutor for more than a year now. Navina has an excellent command over the German language and exceptional communication skills, which she uses efficiently when interacting with students. Within a few weeks of commencing our lessons my level of German had improved dramatically. Navina has all the qualities that a person requires to be a good teacher; excellent communication, patience and discipline, and these traits have helped her build up a client base in a markedly short period of time.

Céline Burnand, Artist (Switzerland):
Thanks to Navina’s professional tutoring, German gets more and more easy to practice and easier to apprehend on a daily basis. Indeed, the class targets on professional as well as personal needs and situations and allows me to really communicate in German. Navina’s kindness, open-mindedness and language skills make the class really enjoyable, and every-time we finished the class, I have the sensation that I have learned a lot. 

Marisol Lamarca Gil, Human Resources (Spain):
I work with Navina since May, 2014. I am very happy with her as my teacher and the individual course. I love the nice atmosphere, especially that Navina always takes care of my needs. I really like that she also speaks Spanish and is able to explain the difficult German grammar in my own language. Due to Navina’s empathy, her patience and her pedagogic and psychologic skills, the lessons are also a kind of therapy for me.

Santiago Relanzón, Técnico de luces & Camarógrafo (España):
Llevo estudiando con Navina desde hace un año intermitentemente ya que debido a mi trabajo, me veo obligado a no poder ser tan constante como quisiera. Navina se adapta a tus necesidades,es flexible, siempre busca la manera (y la encuentra) de que puedas ser capaz de asimilar un concepto, es realmente paciente, capaz de buscar similitudes en distintos idiomas para que puedas comprender la información. En los últimos meses que he podido acudir con mas regularidad a sus cursos, he notado un gran avance tanto dentro como fuera de la clase. Se da cuenta de los puntos en los que mas flojeas y encuentra dinámicamente la manera de que puedas comprenderlos y mejorarlos. Ademas de tener grandes cualidades como profesora, la clase también se hace amena por el tipo de persona que es. Que mas decir, si buscáis aprender alemán, ella es una gran opción.

Chester Wong, theatre actor & musician (Hong Kong):
I love Navina’s Class so much. 
Navina is friendly and cheerful! 
I learnt German with her during my stay in Berlin for 2 months. 
The lessons are very well structured and FUN. Navina tailor made the lesson and explain the Grammar very clear to me! 
If you are looking for a Deutsch Tutor, I would Highly recommend Navina!!!!