Your Personal German Language Coach


Free Trial Session

Free 45-minute consultation session to evaluate your needs, discuss my method, and get to know each other.

Basic Course - 225€

  • 4 sessions

  • 90 minutes each

  • once a week

Accelerated Course - 440€

  • 8 sessions

  • 90 minutes each

  • twice a week

  • 12 sessions

  • 90 minutes each

  • three times a week

Intensive Course - 625€

  • 16 sessions

  • 90 minutes each

  • four times a week

Super Intensive Course - 800€

  • 8 sessions

  • 180 minutes each

  • four times a week

2-Week Crash Course - 850€

Terms & Conditions:

  1. All courses are available all year at all levels.

  2. All courses are subject to availability.

  3. Students are required to attend all agreed dates.

    • If a student is not available the class must be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the start of the scheduled lesson, otherwise it will not be possible to catch up.

    • There is a maximum of 1 catch-up lessons per month.

    • There are no refunds for unexcused absences.

  4. Students are required to keep to the schedule and respect other student’s lesson time by arriving promptly at their scheduled time. If a student is late for a class, the time is not required to be made up.

  5. Fees are on a monthly basis and must be paid in full upon receipt of invoice.

  6. All monthly courses must be completed within 4 weeks.

  7. If you cannot complete or attend a booked course, there will be no refund.

  8. All courses are personal and non-transferable.

  9. All courses are held at Berlin Learning, Markgrafendamm 16, 10245 Berlin.